Computer science students work in teams to plan, design, test, and demonstrate a major project. The major project is built using their culminating experience based skills learned in advanced technical courses.

Software Engineering Projects

The Software Engineering Capstone is a two-semester senior project course taught each Fall and Winter semesters (CS 480 in Fall and CS 481 in Winter).  The course helps students develop competence with a relevant set of software engineering concepts, practices, and tools.  The course is intended to be the culminating experience for students in the Computer Science Software Engineering Emphasis, but may be taken by other students, as well.  Students work in groups of 3-5 members to complete a real-world software development project.  Each group is required to build a production-quality software product for a real customer.  Customers can be companies, businesses, universities, research labs, non-profits, or any other organization with a software development need.  Students are required to organize and manage all aspects of their project.  Throughout their project students interact frequently with their customer to define and refine project features and requirements, and receive customer feedback.  Students are responsible for creating an appropriate software architecture, choosing appropriate implementation technologies, and using relevant software development tools to develop, test, and deploy their software.  Students also use modern project management techniques to organize, plan, and track their project’s progress.

For a better idea of what these projects are like, you can view the following videos made by recent capstone teams about their projects.

BYU Speech Pathology Lab - Automated diagnosis of Speech Aphasia / Apraxia

Jolt – Restaurant customer tracking

Taskmaster – Construction project scheduling

Cirque – Learning mouse pad settings

Lucid – Contract management

BYU Career Services – student job offer tracking

BYU Honor Checker - Software Plagiarism Detection

Adobe – Data Ingestion SDK